Wrist Watch Repair

Trying to fix your own wrist watch can be tricky, and usually leads to even more damage or complete mechanical failure. It's necessary to have a clean, flat workspace, specific sets of screwdrivers and other tools, along with the proper lighting and a steady hand. Rather than use the bare minimum of tools and materials, trust in our expert staff to repair your broken watch.

At Quam's Watch Center, our watch services are unparalleled. We are well versed in the industry and repair all watches. We pride ourselves on our ability to care for and fix watches of all ages. Our master watch makers are highly trained and come with even more experience, making them the most trusted watch makers in the Spokane, WA area.

Wrist watches are iconic accessories that, if properly tended to, can be passed down to relatives or friends for generations. Keep yours in good working order to preserve your legacy. Call Quam's Watch Center today for more information.


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